School Orientation Program

It is one thing to have or wishing to study in any country, but how to choose a school and a program that matches with student career aspirations and dream is another crucial step; It is our core role to ensure students and their families are assisted through this step; beyond that families are assisted to know best, quality and affordable options that matches with the budgets. First forward service in the Ontario and Alberta Regions, USA (i20), Poland As “Empathize” Our aim is to make the;

Online Education Consultancy

We believe some adults are busy working and taking care of their loved ones; some of them thinking on how they can upgrade their academic standards as well as career advancement ; it is probably hard to leave their current position fearing on losing your job? We partner with the best and affordable international schools with international accreditation that offer degrees and diploma online. These degrees are considered and have the same values as traditional on-campus ones

Visa Application Center

We have officially launched Visa Application Center to facilitate all the individuals who would love to visit their loved ones, business meetings, trade and investment across the world.

Carreer Guidance Program

We believe education is should go beyond chalk and talk; we define education as homogeneous blend that involves every step of life how to live, how study how grow and ready to do affective work. We train scholars how to exploit their potential in career paths. Our word is simple “If you choose to study go for extra mile; be extra ordinary person; choose to think big”

Study Permit Visa advisory

This is one of the most challenging and stressing step but ” Remember we empathize “scholars and families sometimes think it’s impossible; we assist to know what the requirements are and make sure files are mistake free and submitted on timeliness. Your success is our success

Business Consultancy

Our team and partners will ensure your projects and business are in the right. We believe in the diversity, our team is composed with diverse sets of skills and expertise’s (Professional Hoteliers, Certified Accountants, IT engineers, Investments advisors, University Teachers)