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About Us

USC is an international education consulting firm that represents different universities, colleges and schools around the worlds. USC works closely with universities, colleges and partners across the globe especially from develop countries mainly in Europe, Canada, Australia, its core responsibility is to play an intermediate role that builds bridge between African dreamers (students from Africa) whom their dream is to pursue affordable and quality education from world-class universities and colleges from developed countries. In the other hand, USC assists international researchers to conduct research in Africa. We believe in the power of education and the potential of every student. We believe every positive changes starts in education footstep. Working with families, education institution partners, supporters, we strive to ensure every dreamer get his dream coming reality. We have been building powerful partnerships for students for over 10 years and are now active worldwide.


We are commited to enhonce scholars and parent's exceptional experience in quality service of overseas education as we create value for our stakeholders and partners".


ecoming referral agent in terms of quality service and best recruitment agency in the region".


Linking young scholars to the most affordable and quality schools and colleges around the world.